Workshop proceeding no. 8: Nordic miniseminar Hirtshals: Input to revision of EN206-1

Workshop proceeding no. 8: Nordic miniseminar Hirtshals: Input to revision of EN206-1

Hirtshals, Denmark. November 12-14, 2008. 314 pages.

Price: 300 NOK


  • Introduction
  • List of Participants
  • Tom A. Harrison: Equivalent durability concept
  • Hans Cornelissen: Use of additions – Progress of CEN / TC 104 / SC1 / Task Group 5
  • Nicolai Bech: Fly ash and co combustion
  • Steinar Helland: Ageing Factor Concept – Chloride Intrusion
  • Steinar Helland, Ragnar Aarstein & Magne Maage: In-field performance of north sea hsc/hpc offshore platforms with regard to chloride resistance
  • Peter Utgenannt: Frost resistance of concrete – Experience from three field exposure sites
  • Tang Luping & Peter Utgenannt: Chloride ingress and corrosion from the Swedish field exposures under the marine environment
  • Dirch H. Bager: Aalborg Portland’s durability Project – 25 years judgement
  • Magne Maage & Steinar Helland: Shore Approach – 26 years experience with high quality concrete in XS3 exposure
  • Terje F. Rønning: Field Performance versus Laboratory Testing of Freeze-Thaw: Various Cement and Concrete Qualities
  • Hannele Kuosa, Erkki Vesikari, Erika Holt & Markku Leivo: Field and Laboratory Testing and Service Life Modelling in Finland
  • Ulla Hjorth Jakobsen: 14 years experience with Øresund Link concrete
  • Jan-Magnus Østvik & Claus Kenneth Larsen: Experiences from Norwegian Exposure sites – How does the Experiences comply with the Standards
  • Christer Ljungkrantz: Field exposure on Gotland. Carbonation rate of concrete
  • Per Hagelia: Does the EN 206-1 Exposure Classification Apply to Tunnel Concrete?
  • Eigil V. Sørensen: Properties of Concrete Exposed to Running Fresh Water for 24 Years
  • Aude Chabrelie, Emmanuel Gallucci, Karen Scrivener & Urs Müller: Durability of field concretes made of portland and silica fume cements under sea water exposure for 25 years
  • Øystein Vennesland: COIN – and durability of structures
  • List of Mini Seminars 1975 – 2008

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