Workshop proceeding no. 9: Nordic miniseminar: Freeze-Thaw Testing of Concrete – Input to revision of cen test methods

Workshop proceeding no. 9: Full report (pdf)

Vedbæk, Denmark March 4 -5, 2010, 129 pages
Price: 300 NOK


1. Dirch H. Bager
Qualitative description of the micro ice body freeze-thaw damage mechanism in concrete 1

2. Terje F. Rønning
Concrete Freeze-Thaw Resistance Testing
Current testing regime & Approval: Fair basis for Perfomance Evaluation? 29

3. Sture Lindmark
On the Relation between Air void system parameters and Salt frost scaling 41

4. Tang Luping
Some Question in Modelling of Service Life of Concrete Structures with Regard to Frost Attack 61

5. Peter Utgenannt & Per-Erik Petersson
Frost Resistance of Concrete containingSecondary Cementitious Materials – Experience from Three Field Exposure Sites 77

6. Christoph Müller
Results of the Laboratory Freeze_Thaw Tests and their Transferability to Practical Conditions 95

7 Stefan Jacobsen
Moisture flow into Concrete Exposed to Frost and Ice 119

List of Mini Seminars 1975 – 2010 303

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