NCR no. 1 – 1982

NCR no. 01 1982

  1. Y. Anderberg, N.E. Forsen
    Fire resistance of concrete structures
  2. K. Cederwall, K. Vannman
    A statistical approach to composite beams
  3. S. Chandra, M. Arwidson
    Influence of polymer dispersions on the cement mortars
  4. K.P. Christiansen, V. Trier Frederiksen
    Tests on rectangular concrete slabs with horizontal restraints on three sides only
  5. M. Emborg, K. Cederwall, L. Elfgren
    Fatigue strength of cable couplers in prestressed concrete beams
  6. G. Fagerlund
    On the capillarity of concrete
  7. A. Grudemo
    X-ray diffractom etric investigation of the state of crystallization in the cement matrix phase of a very old concrete
  8. B. Hjort
    Reinforcement work on construction sites – a general study
  9. L. Hjorth
    Microsilica in concrete
  10. P. Huovinen
    Air-permeability of concrete
  11. A. Jergling
    Air leakage through cracks in concrete elements
  12. J. Jokela, R. Tepfers
    Bond of bundled prestressing steel strands
  13. J. Jokela, J. Metso, A. Sarja
    Zinc-coated concrete reinforcement
  14. M. Kilpelainen
    Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete beam grids
  15. E. Kilpi, H. Kukko
    Properties of hot concrete and its use in winter concreting
  16. H. Kukko, R. Mannonen
    Chemical and mechanical properties of alkali-activated blast furnace slag (f-concrete)
  17. T. Kutti, R. Malinowski
    Influence of the curing conditions on the flexural strength of alkali activated blastfurnace slag mortar
  18. S. Loseth, A. Slatto, T.G. Syvertsen
    Finite element analysis of punching shear failure of reinforced concrete slabs
  19. R. Malinowski
    Durable ancient mortars and concretes
  20. C. Molin
    Localized cutting in concrete with careful blasting~ full-scale experiment in an old concrete building
  21. P. Samuelsson
    Necessary concrete strength for form stripping of in situ cast concrete
  22. A. Sarja, J. Jokela, J. Olin
    Development of reinforcement in concrete sandwich panels on the basis of the loading conditions and nonlinear analysis of the statical behaviour
  23. A. Sarja, P. Nykyri
    Use of the real failure mechanism and rotational eouilibrium for calculation model of the shear capacity of prestressed and reinforced concrete structures
  24. B. Sorensen, E. Maahn
    Penetration rate of chloride in marine concrete structures
  25. K. Tuutti
    Analysis of pore solution squezzed out of cement paste and mortar
  26. T.-U. Weck
    The fatigue strength of reinforcing bars in concrete beams

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