NCR no. 42 – 2010/2

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NCR no. 42 2010/2 (pdf document)


  1. Marianne Tange Hasholt, Line H. Clemmensen
    Investigating Salt Frost Scaling by using Statistical Methods
    Abstract NCR 42-01.pdf NCR 42-01 (pdf document)
  2. Dr. Abhay Bulsari, Klaus Juvas
    Nonlinear modelling of packing of aggregates of four sizes with fixed compaction effort
    Abstract NCR 42-02.pdf NCR 42-02 (pdf document)
  3. Jan Lindgård,  Bård Pedersen, Sigrun K. Bremseth,  Per Arne Dahl,
    Terje F. Rønning
    Experience Using the Norwegian 38°C Concrete Prism Test to Evaluate the Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates, Concrete Mixes and Binder Combinations
    Abstract NCR 42-03.pdf NCR 42-03 (pdf document)
  4. Klaartje De Weerdt,  Harald Justnes, Knut O. Kjellsen, Erik Sellevold
    Fly ash–limestone ternary composite cements: synergetic effect at 28 days
    Abstract NCR 42-04.pdf NCR 42-04 (pdf document)
  5. Hung Thanh Nguyen, Frank Melandsø,  Stefan Jacobsen
    Capillary suction in concrete with analytical pipe model – part 1: numerical study of flow conditions
    Abstract NCR 42-05.pdf NCR 42-05 (pdf document)
  6. Hung Thanh Nguyen, Frank Melandsø, Stefan Jacobsen
    Capillary suction in concrete with analytical pipe model – part 2: expansion-, contraction- and random sized sections compared with experiments
    Abstract NCR 42-06.pdf NCR 42-06 (pdf document)
  7. Sindre Sandbakk MSc PhD-student, Lars Haugan MSc, Gunrid Kjellmark MSc
    Testing of Ring Fibres – Measurements in Fresh and Hardened Concrete
    Abstract NCR 42-07.pdf NCR 42-07 (pdf document)
  8. Siaw Foon Lee, Xiao Hui Wang, Stefan Jacobsen
    Interfacial properties of steel fiber at mortars with different water and binder ratios: backscattered electron image analysis and nanoindentation testing
    Abstract NCR 42-08.pdf NCR 42-08 (pdf document)
  9. Annika Gram, Johan Silfwerbrand
    Applications for Numerical Simulation of Self-Compacting Concrete
    Abstract NCR 42-09.pdf NCR 42-09 (pdf document)
  10. Anette Jansson PhD student, Kent Gylltoft, Ingemar Löfgren
    Flexural behaviour of members with a combination of steel fibres and conventional reinforcement
    Abstract NCR 42-10.pdf NCR 42-10 (pdf document)
  11. Anders Sjöberg, Lars-Olof Nilsson
    Laboratory Parametric Study of Moisture Condition in Covered Underfloor heated concrete slabs
    Abstract NCR 42-11.pdf NCR 42-11 (pdf document)

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