NCR no. 47 – 2013/1

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NCR no. 47 2013/1 (pdf document)


  1. Lars Nyholm Thrane, Jens Ole Frederiksen, Thomas Pilegaard Madsen, Thomas Kasper
    Verification of Design Basis for a Foundation Slab Cast with SFRSCC – Results from Full Scale Beam Testing
    Abstract NCR 47-01.pdf Paper: NCR 47-01 (pdf document)
  2. Martin Kaasgaard, Claus Pade, Ulf Jönsson, Christian Munch-Petersen
    Comparison of durability parameters of self-compacting concrete and conventional slump concrete designed for marine environment
    Abstract NCR 47-02.pdf NCR 47-02 (pdf document)
  3. Petri Annila, Jommi Suonketo, Jukka Lahdensivu
    Concrete Sandwich Panel Structure without Traditional Diagonal Trusses
    Abstract NCR 47-03.pdf NCR 47-03 (pdf document)
  4. Peter Fjellström, Dr. Jan-Erik Jonasson, Dr. Mats Emborg, Dr. Hans Hedlund
    Heat Loss Compensation for Semi-Adiabatic Calorimetric Tests
    Abstract NCR 47-04.pdf
  5. Dimitrios Boubitsas
    Use of Limestone in Cement: the Effect on Strength and Chloride transport in Mortars
    Abstract NCR 47-05.pdf NCR 47-05 (pdf document)
  6. Lars Elof Bryne, Anders Ansell, Jonas Holmgren
    Laboratory testing of early age bond strength between concrete for shotcrete use and rock
    Abstract NCR 47-06.pdf NCR 47-06 (pdf document)

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