NCR no. 56 – 1/2017

Click here to see the NCR no. 56 2017/1 (pdf document)

1. Shayan Fahimi, Carlos Gil, Ignasi Fernandez Perez & Kamyab Zandi
Replication of Crack Pattern in FE Analysis Based on Discretization of Tension Softening Curves

2. Arto Köliö, Jukka Lahdensivu & Matti Pentti
The Role of the Active Corrosion Phase in the Service Life of Concrete Facades Exposed to Nordic Climate

3. Martta-Kaisa Olkkonen
Feasibility Study of Moisture Measurement of a Concrete Pavement Tile Employing a 1.7 GHz Coaxial Surface Probe

4. Göran Fagerlund
The Critical Flow Distance at Freezing of Concrete – Theory and Experiment

5. Jonny Nilimaa, Anders Hösthagen & Mats Emborg
Thermal Crack Risk of Concrete Structures – Evaluation of Theoretical Models for Tunnels and Bridges

6. Harald Justnes
Durable Aluminium Reinforced Environmentally-friendly Concrete Construction – DARE2C

7. Madumita Sadagopan, Katarina Malaga & Agnes Nagy
RE:Concrete – Study on Recycling of Concrete in Sweden

Research Council & Editorial Board of NCR

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