NCR no. 57 – 2/2017

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1. Jiabin Li, Glenn Strypsteen & Mahdi Kioumarsi

Assessment of Existing RC Structures by Virtue of Nonlinear FEM:Possibilities and Challenges

2. Jiabin Li, Gro Markeset & Mahdi Kioumarsi
Nonlinear FEM Simulation of Structural Performance of Corroded RC Columns subjected to Axial Compression

3. Mette Rica Geiker, Klaartje De Weerdt, Sergio Ferreiro Garzón, Mads Mønster Jensen, Björn Johannesson & Alexander Michel
Screening of Low Clinker Binders, Compressive Strength and Chloride Ingress

4. Guzel Shamsutdinova, Max A.N. Hendriks & Stefan Jacobsen
Concrete-Ice Abrasion Test with Sliding Ice and Ice Spallation
– NCR Vol 57 Errata_correction

5. Jelena Zivkovic & Jan Arve Øverli
Behaviour and Capacity of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams with and without Shear Reinforcement

6. Natalie Williams Portal, Mathias Flansbjer & Urs Mueller
Experimental Study on Anchorage in Textile Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete

7. Ali Mohammadi Mohaghegh, Johan Silfwerbrand, Vemund Årskog & Robert Jansson McNamee
Fire Spalling of High-Performance Basalt Fibre Concrete

8. Ali Mohammadi Mohaghegh, Johan Silfwerbrand & Vemund Årskog
Flexural Behaviour of Medium-Strength and High-Performance Macro
Basalt Fibre Concrete Aimed for Marine Applications

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