Workshop proceeding no. 1: Water in Cement Paste & amp;amp; Concrete Hydration and Pore Structures

Workshop proceeding no. 1: Water in Cement Paste & Concrete Hydration and Pore Structure
Skagen, Denmark, October 7-8, 1999
Price: 300 NOK


  • Physical and Thermodynamical Properties of Water Phases in Hardening Cement Paste (Tommy B. Hansen)
  • Measurements of Water Vapour Adsorption Isotherms, Sorption Enthalpies and Sorption Entropies in Cement Bases Materials (S. Lindmark, N. Markova, L. adsö)
  • Modelling of Moisture Isotherms Including Alkali Effects (Jan-Erik Jonasson)
  • Specific Volume of Chemically Bound Water and Selfdessication in Silicafume and Portland Cement Based Mortars (Bertil Persson)
  • Clinker Mineral Hydration at Reduced Relative Humidities (Ole Mejlhede Jensen)
  • Effect of Temperature and Alkali Content on the Hydration of Selected Cementitious Systems (Mette Geiker)
  • Measurements of the Degree of Hydration of Cement Paste by SEM, 29 Si NMR and XRD Methods (Knut O. Kjellsen, Leif Fjällberg)
  • Hydration Characteristics of Mortars (Anne-Marit Tønnesland, Per Fidjestöl)
  • Studies of Hydration and Drying in Cement Pastes by Scanning X-ray Absorptiometry (Kurt Kielsgaard Hansen, Dale P. Bentz)
  • Effect of the Sulphate Source and Content on Late Ettringite Formation (Paula Raivio)
  • Ninety-Month Pozzolanic Interaction Between Portland Cement and Silica Fume in Concrete (Bertil Persson)
  • Texture and Chemistry of Historic Concrete Subjected to Prolonged Hydration (Björn Lagerblad)
  • Influence of Water-Binding on the Ice Formation and Freeze/Thaw Damage in Cement Paste and Concrete (Dirch H. Bager, Tommy B. Hansen)
  • Stability of Pore Size Distribution in Air-Entrained Concrete Subjected to Pumping (Tommy B. Hansen)
  • CTS – A New Experimental Technique to Map Ice Formation (Marianne Tange Jepsen)
  • List of Participants

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